Friday, May 09, 2008

What happened? 

Hard to say; internal communication shutdown of some kind. CPU core processes still ticking over, but the lights on the front panel stopped flashing and input/output capacity (never a flood, even at the best of times) reduced to a trickle, just enough data getting through to prevent essential systems shutting down entirely.

Like being on dial-up instead of broadband; dial-up with a dodgy ‘phone line.

Or a virus that hogs the CPU, keeping it stuck in a loop chasing its own tail.

I’ve never been this long without posting. Sometimes in the past, when I’d been feeling particularly doubtful about the future and contemplating abandoning this blog, one of the things that kept me posting was the thought that, whatever the most recent post was, it wasn’t one I’d be comfortable as being the final one. I’d rather go out on a high, or at least a positive note, rather than just fading into nothingness.

I almost thought that previous post might be the one that fitted the bill. Nothing remarkable from a literary point of view, but at least it was positive, something I could leave standing as my blogging epitaph.

So, with no pressing need to post anything, I lapsed into silence. Both here and in the real world.

But if nothing else, there are a couple of points from that learning journey that may be worth sharing, as and when I can do them justice. So, no, I haven’t abandoned this space. Not yet.

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