Thursday, April 03, 2008

30 day learning journey 

Chris Corrigan writes:
"Hey reader(s). Wondering if you would join me in a little exercise...

A few months ago I was sitting with Christina Baldwin in a World Cafe on the question of “What question, if asked, would change everything?” and we realized that the answer for us was something like “What would it take for you to be curious?”

That question is powerful because a curious person is a non-judgemental person. A curious person is a learner, not a passive participant in the cultural stream. If people practiced not only asking questions, but being curious about the answers I think that would change everything.

Last month, I was in Ontario with a friend of mine and he asked “what are your goals? What would I see if I talked to you in six months?” I told him that I don’t have any goals, but instead I run these little research projects. I get curious about things and start noticing them in my life and work and I usually use a combination of this blog and a moleskine journal to record my results. It keeps me moving forward.

So, I’d like to invite you to try this approach out and see if there is something that gathers your attention and piques your curiosity enough that you’d be willing to engage in a somewhat public 30 day research project. For myself, I am looking at the question of how to be of service in large scale change work from the perspective of someone who has limited contact and influence. As a facilitator, I come into processes, but often I am not involved in a day to day role. So how do I help encourage shift where I can?

I’m going to be thinking and reflecting over the next 30 days on this question and I invite you to choose a question and engage in a research project as well. See what we can learn. Everything I post here will be tagged “Shift”.

You in?"

I’m in.

Someone once said something like: "If you want to change your world, change the way you think about it." My question is: in what ways could I change the way in which I think about my world, and how would that be helpful?

Could be a tall order to keep going for 30 days, if recent blogging is anything to go by, but at least I have a theme and no shortage of raw material; my thought patterns follow so many limiting, negative paths that there ought to be a rich network of opportunity for change, if I’m willing to be honest about it.

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