Saturday, July 14, 2007

Therapy history 

Reviewing the last four years of this blog the other day, reminded me that, sitting on the desktop, I had a file of urls of those posts which related to the 18 months I spent in counselling. I'm listing them all here as a holding position; a convenient way to gather them all together and maybe put a link to them in the sidebar. Once upon a time I thought they might form the basis of a book, or a series of articles. Unlikely, I think. Perhaps though the person who would most benefit from reading them is myself...

Feb 04:
Session One

Mar 04:

Apr 04:
A Watershed

May 04:
An Unholy Trinity
Breaking the Links of False Logic

Jul 04:
Soul part 1
Soul part 2
Soul part 3

Sep 04:
Deconstruction - letting go
On Cliffs, Oceans and Horizons
Antidote to Exhaustion

Nov 04:
Exploring the inner landscape
My World as I see it now

Dec 04:
The Good Fight

Jan 05:
Soul part 4

Mar 05:
Good Hearts, Good Minds: Blogging as Therapy
Joy. Or not.

May 05:
Circuits and Bumps

Jun 05:
Trying on Ideas

Sep 05:
Inner Dialogue
Dialogue 2

Dec 05:
Mid Term Review

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