Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Feeling Smug 

This, I warn you now, is nothing more than a self-satisfied, self-administered, pat on the back.

Sitting on the corner of my desk here at work is a helmet. Not my usual plain white motorcycle helmet, but a rather snazzy greeny-silvery-goldy cyclist’s affair. Very appropriate for the time of year. I keep pointing it out, hoping to gain a respectful look of approval.

Yes, I’ve finally made it off of my two motorised wheels
back onto two wheels of the pedal-powered variety.

No, I have to admit this isn’t a result of Al Gore’s green evangelism; I’ve signed up for a charity cycle ride to Amsterdam in September and figured I really ought to think about doing some training. I’ll be saying more about that nearer the time, and yes there WILL be a chance for you to contribute to a very worthwhile charity, once the website for the 2007 event is up and running.

15 miles through the London rush hour in just over an hour. One hour, 3 minutes and 53 seconds to be precise. Not bad for an old ‘un, especially when that’s typical of the times I was putting in back when I was making this journey regularly (administers another pat on the back..)

I still have to get home though…

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