Saturday, May 13, 2006


I got the Honda CBF600, the faired version with ABS, in pale metallic blue. And all the gear to with it... Go to pick it up a week today... Right now, I'm in some kind of state of shock - I've NEVER spent that amount of money in one go, and certainly not on myself. Once my head is a little clearer I may be able to write something...

Sunday update:
I slept badly last night. My wife was away on a yoga weekend, I only had the cats for company, and I kept waking with vague doubts (or a furry tail in my face...) But having irretrievably woken at 5.30, I got up at 6, started doing the cleaning (displaced from yesterday) before 7 and had a thoroughly busy day thereafter with no time for idle worries.

I think I pinned down the source of the unease of yesterday and last night; it came from not having had the chance to share the day's events. Something felt out of step yesterday, but once we'd exchanged text messages this morning a balance was restored.

Now, how do I distract myself for the next five days?

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