Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Its over 

I’m going to be closing this blog down.

I wont delete it just yet; I may wish to salvage something from it. Although I’ve already downloaded the whole thing as a pdf, that doesn’t include the comments, and they are the most valuable thing here. So although I’ll let this stand a while longer while I figure out what, if anything, I want to do with the content, this will be the last post here.

The photos will most likely be the first to go. They’re hosted for free by my ISP, but in the interests of saving money I’m likely to change my ISP, or at the very least swap to a cheaper package which doesn’t include hosting.

It was good while it lasted, but looking back it only really lived for the first couple of years; everything thereafter has been essentially life support, a series of attempts to keep a dying dream alive. So I’m going to pull the plug on that life support. I stopped having anything to say a long time ago. I wish it were otherwise, but wishing doesn’t change anything. The new blog grew out of that wish, but has never really taken off, just proving how inadequate the wish is on its own, without any substance to support it. I doubt that one will be around for much longer, either. No regrets though, just recognition of the way things are.

What then? I’ll still be on Flickr and Twitter and Facebook - less demanding ways of staying connected, albeit with a connection that will never run as deep as those connections made in the early days of blogging.

It was good while it lasted. Thank you all for that.

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