Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Against the light 

I didn’t set out with anything particular in mind to photograph, but the recent heavy snow meant that my motorbike stayed in the garage and I took the train to work; with the remnants of snow on the ground, a bright sunny morning and a longish walk through some of the back streets of central London at the other end, it seemed worth taking the camera.

The G1 is so light, compact and easy to use I can hold it in one hand, secured with a hand strap, feeling quite unencumbered as I negotiate icy pavements and dodge other pedestrians on the mile and a half walk from King’s Cross station to the office near Oxford Circus. Had I purchased the D90 as I’d originally intended, I think the bulk and weight would have meant that even if I’d had it with me, I might well not have bothered with the hassle of stopping, taking it out of my backpack, to snap shots like these. But with the camera always at the ready, it is so easy to take advantage of the fleeting images which flash across the eyeballs as I hurry on the way to work.

Did I say I love this camera?

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