Friday, October 03, 2008

That was nice... 

“Chilly, isn’t it?”

So began a brief exchange with a fellow motorcyclist whilst stopped side-by-side at the lights this morning.

Usually that’s about as far these conversations go – nothing very deep, but then you’d hardly expect to get to discussing the meaning of life in the course of a 30 second exchange with an unknown biker.

“You ride well.”

Eh? Now that was unexpected – unsolicited compliments? I’d been aware of him behind me for a few hundred yards and a couple of junctions. Now side-by-side I could see he was of a similar age to myself, riding what appeared to be a BMW R1100, albeit sporting a VW badge on the side of the tank.

“Been riding long?”

Given that his following remarks were more about behaviour on the road – his observation of my own observation and awareness – rather than the actual mechanics of riding the bike, my guess is that he held one of the advanced riding qualifications – either RoSPA or IAM.

Interesting on three counts:

One, purely for the feedback. Welcome and much appreciated feedback.

Two, that he managed to get so much across in such a short space of time. Direct observations, direct feedback, with just enough preamble to create an opening.

Three, he didn’t have to bother; there was no need or expectation. But he did, I learned something, it made me feel good, and I expect it probably made him feel good too. I’m very poor at giving compliments or feedback. Something I could do with improving.

I may even sign up for an advanced motorcyclists course.

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