Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Contrast, and an explanation 

No wildness today. Quite a contrast to yesterday – blue skies speckled by polka-dot cloudlets, a warm sun on my back (which this lunch time rests on a bench one position removed from yesterday’s) and a gentle breeze to rustle the leaves without yet stripping them from the trees, looser though their attachment grows with each passing day.

Yesterday I was reminded of how when weather wildness comes to town, it brings with it a taste of wilderness – in a similar way, when the elegant sophistication of today’s weather ventures into the hills, it takes with it an association with civilisation – so much so that many are tempted out with no more equipment against the elements than that which they would take to accompany them on a walk in the park.

The hills do indeed feel a little too park-like on days like this. It was nearly 18 months ago when I was last in their company, and remarked at the time how I almost felt cheated by the benign atmospheric conditions. One comes to expect wind, rain, clouds, mist and rarely a clear view of the way ahead. It’s all part of the fun; without such features, the experience is incomplete.

Nearly 18 months ago. Too long. Oh, except for one solitary day a few months later. One day out of the last 500; it’s not enough. No wonder I’ve been feeling out of sorts.

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