Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This 'n' that 

I guess from my blog stats that there are still a few faithful visitors dropping by every now and again, and I know from Google reader that there are no end of posts I’d like to take more time to absorb properly rather than skim just sufficiently to catch up on the headlines. However, every waking moment seems to be spoken for, at least for the next few weeks. Not until the latter half of August is the pace likely to relax.

In lieu of anything more blogworthy, here then is an update on recent happenings, on the remote chance that someone might actually be interested.

Lots of time spent testing and getting to know the Canon 450D. Mostly, I’m impressed. Very easy to use, excellent menu structure, and results can be really good. Can be, but aren’t always. The autofocus doesn’t always deliver pin-sharp focus. Just a slight error, but noticeable when viewed 100%, since the 12MP sensor out-performs every lens we have between us. The forums seem to point the finger at the kit lens, but I’ve seen the same results with two other lenses. Several dozen test shots taken; many, many combinations of focus point, lens, focus method; camera tripod-mounted and mirror locked up to eliminate camera shake; every time it’s the live-view contrast-detect focus which can be guaranteed to give spot on results. But that’s not a method one would choose for general use. The results otherwise are in reality perfectly acceptable, it’s just a little niggle knowing that for perhaps in three shots the result is not quite as good as it could be. I shouldn’t be such a perfectionist…

The job change is going to happen. Not just yet, but by November at the latest and possibly sooner. To an outsider it might not look like a huge change – same employer, same division, similar work – but I know that the changes will be in areas where it matters most to me. For one thing, I’ll be working towards an outcome I actually believe in, something worth getting out of bed for. For another, I’ll be working for someone I not only respect, but with whom I know thoughts can be shared – both ways – with complete honesty. Knowing that all that is coming is already starting to have a profound change on my attitude to my daily labours.

More good news; my mother in law came out of hospital on Monday having made a remarkably good recovery from her recent stroke. There’s every chance she’ll be well enough to come to the wedding.

Ah yes, the wedding… 15 days away and thankfully all the vital arrangements are now in place. What a rush it’s been though! For the moment, we have a few days relative calm (my wife, currently covering tiny buttons with silk for the wedding dress, might disagree with that…) but I’m sure that as the day gets closer the pace will hot up again until we’re all in near-panic mode again.

And finally, here’s something to think about. We just heard of a friend who recently paid almost as much for her daughter’s wedding cake as we jointly will be paying for this whole wedding. Maybe they iced it in gold leaf…

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