Friday, June 27, 2008


Excuse a terse diary entry; there’s scarcely time to draw breath, let alone try to be creative about blogging.

Tomorrow we go shopping. Turns out I’m going to be the photographer at this wedding, but I’m afraid my ageing ‘prosumer’ compact isn’t up to it, so the deal is we buy my son a DSLR (Canon 450D as he already has Canon lenses for his film SLR) as a combined going away-plus-Christmas-and-birthdays-for-the-next-2-years present, and I get to use it for the wedding. Maybe one day I’ll get one for myself.

Meanwhile, the women (wife, bride, mother of the bride) are going fabric shopping for the wedding dress, which my wife will be making. While she’s doing that I’ll be getting to grips with a strange camera and learning its idiosyncrasies, together with practicing portrait photography – lovely as the windmill and the marshes are, I wont be popular if I make them the main subject of this shoot!

Sunday we drive back up to Norfolk (6 hour round trip) to view a couple of prospective venues for the reception, since the first choice turned out too expensive.

Oh, and by the way, as if everything else wasn’t enough, it seems I’ve talked myself into a new job. Well, a new role, new boss, new project within the same organisation anyway. I’s yet to be dotted and t’s crossed (what is the correct punctuation there…?), but I think it’s going to happen. Perhaps not the dream job, but a step in the right direction which should make working life more bearable. All as a result of a chance conversation…

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