Saturday, April 05, 2008

Learning Journey: Day 3 

A busy Saturday (aren't they all...); a few jottings scribbled in my notebook at various points of the day:

  • Lesson one: all it took was an invitation. I’ve avoided writing about the inner journey for quite a while now – partly because the journey wasn’t going anywhere, but partly because, whatever my intention might have been in trying to return to some of the themes from a few years ago in this blog, every attempt seemed to come out sounding like a complaint, or self pity, and that kind writing has no value for anyone, either writer or reader. But with just a simple invitation from Chris, plus some unexpected but much appreciated interest and support in the comments, I discover that there is after all an inner resource which is capable of a more optimistic approach. Take a look at the comments and you might see what I mean.

  • A point of clarification: this exercise isn’t about taking action to solve problems, it’s about changing how I see those aspects of my life with which I feel some dissatisfaction; it’s about seeing them in such a way as to open up opportunities rather than seeing them as barriers to be defeated. Something I said in the comments might make that clearer:
    So no, those statements don't really represent what I believe, not with the rational part of my mind anyway; nevertheless there's an irrational voice that sits on my shoulder whispering these things in my ear.

    In the spirit of appreciative inquiry then, I don't plan to spend too long getting the fine detail of 'what is' just right - rather than trying to analyse my way out of what that voice is saying, my intention is to create another voice - one which may still work with the same themes, but whispers words which I can use positively.

  • Or to put it another way, taking the idea of Rilke’s letter, this isn’t about looking for answers; it’s about finding a new way of looking at the questions.

I haven’t yet found a way of reframing one of those issues though – that of time. Maybe I just take on too much, but rehearsals for the fourth show of this year are well under way; indeed the show opens in just 10 days time, this weekend is half over and my fingers are still struggling to find the notes. This learning journey is likely to be rather disjointed. Ah well, that's life.

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