Sunday, February 17, 2008


…is this week’s topic for PhotoFriday.

Any photographic representation of that theme must of course be an illusion, and this one is no exception. The receding layers of hills may appear to go on for ever, one behind another, but these hills are in England. Nowhere is ever more than a couple of miles from the nearest road or town; hills are relatively few and soon give way to plains, and beyond them, the sea.

Nevertheless, the illusion is a pleasing one. One can stand and look and pretend that the view goes on for ever; after all, what can the eye see which might counter such a theory? It is only the brain that spoils the illusion with its un-asked for knowledge that beneath those hills lie valleys wherein dwells all the noise and smoke and rush of 21st century existence.

Quiet, brain! Sometimes knowledge is best put to one side and quietly ignored; the view is so much better without it.

And in a different take on that theme – still visual, but in imagination only – here’s something dating back to my very early blogging days; indeed back to some of my earliest memories.

Footnote: The photo dates back to a weekend trip two years ago, in February 2006, which inspired no less than seven blog posts (between 12th and 26th Feb, if you want to take a look). Given that I've clearly been so lacking in inspiration for anything to write, it's equally clear I need to get out there again.

Apropos of which, today's offering from whiskeyriver is most pertinent.

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