Saturday, October 13, 2007


I wouldn’t have known it was there. Such a quiet, secluded spot, tucked away at the side of the valley, passed by a road little more than a track. The main road runs along the north side of Loch Tay; this road along the south side serves only the few farms and hamlets along the shore. How refreshing it was – not to have the beauty of such a spot strangled by all the associations of those words ‘beauty spot’! No visitors’car park, no visitor centre, no ribbon of tarmac and concrete, no milling hordes; just a weathered wooden sign pointing up a gravel track, and a little space at the foot of the track where it widened to join the road where a handful of cars could be left.

It was the guy who showed us round the Crannog Centre who told us about it. We were chatting, and he asked where we were going next. We’d nothing really planned, and he spoke with such enthusiasm and obvious love of his surroundings we were easily convinced.

Falls of Acharn, Perthshire, Scotland

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