Sunday, September 02, 2007

In and out 

Just passing through; here in body, although not really in spirit. Too rushed, too preoccupied, too many essential things to be squeezed into this short space between returning from holidays and setting off to Amsterdam and back by bicycle.

We covered 1600 miles of driving in the last 16 days, staying at 10 locations, the furthest being the Isle of Skye, off the north west coast of Scotland. I fell in love with Scotland; I’ve visited a few times before – four in all, 2 work related trips and 2 climbing trips - but never had time to soak up the true character of the place. I hope when I return from Amsterdam I can still recall enough to set down here some of the insights I don’t want to lose.

For now though I have to prepare for the ride. Just one day back at work, then we set out on Tuesday morning, pedalling to Harwich to take the overnight ferry to the Hook of Holland, arriving in Amsterdam on Thursday, doing a swift about turn and then reversing the journey, getting me back here next Saturday evening, all being well.

One last appeal then before I go – the purpose of the ride is to raise money for the BBC’s Children in Need charity. At the moment, we’re only a quarter of the way to our target of £10,000; all donations, large or small, are equally welcome and can be made online.

See you in a week, hopefully not too saddle sore! If anyone is interested, you can follow our progress here.

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