Saturday, August 11, 2007


Good grief! We are now an 8-PC household! That’s one for each finger. Isn’t that just a tad excessive? Well, there’s the main one in the study (on which I rarely get a look-in these days), the old Win2k PIII workhorse downstairs, then the kids have one each which they used/use at Uni. Plus there’s the laptops my wife and I have supplied by our respective employers (although mine’s rarely at home) and now my eldest son has just bought a laptop to take with him to Afghanistan. Oh, and now we’re wireless too, so my wife can sit out in the back garden doing her school lesson plans in the sun. Or the rain.

Travelled on the train to Southampton yesterday – an all too rare day out of the office. Sitting opposite and next to me were two guys both in dark grey suits and sober ties, both with files full of paperwork, working hard. Then there was me, casually dressed, not having worn a tie to work for years, reading Harry Potter or just gazing out of the window. Maybe working for this employer does have its benefits…

I saw some people on my travels yesterday. Actually saw them, almost. Saw the shadows of their souls as they flashed across my mind. Shocked at how rare an occurrence that is for me these days; too much hurrying, too much pressure, always focused somewhere else other than here.

And yes, I’ve finally succumbed to Harry Potter fever and decided I need to read the whole series start to finish. Started a couple of weeks ago, now on volume four. I have to admit they are rather good.

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