Saturday, June 02, 2007

Storytelling Workshop 16th June 

A few months ago ago, I wrote about Preethi Nair and the highly unconventional way by which she landed her first book deal. She dropped me a note the other day (cleary being someone who understands the value of networking!) to publicise a writer's workshop she's going to be running at Waterstone's in Piccadilly on 16th June. Well actually, it was quite a few days ago; I'm just a bit slow getting round to doing something about it. The workshop has a price tag attached, but at least the proceeds go to charity.

I found the talk she gave when I heard her in February to be quite inspirational, although I admit I've not been as disciplined as I might have been in following up on the good intentions I had at the time. Should you be in the vicinity and go along, I'm sure it'll be worthwhile - I just wish you better staying power than I've managed recently.

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