Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sitemeter: a sorry tale of how not to manage customer relationships 

[This post has been edited to remove Google-sensitive remarks...]

I’ve just set up a new Statcounter account and I’m on the verge of deleting my Sitemeter account. Here’s why:

From Geek News Central:
"Last week the folks over at StatCounter.com told the webhosting community that they had been offered big bucks by a company to drop a spyware / 3rd party cookie onto people visiting websites that use their service for stats. StatCounter.com smartly refused but added in their blog post that another stats company had apparently taken the money.

Up and until late this afternoon I was unaware who the suspect company was, and was shocked to have gotten some e-mails pointing me at some websites that were discussing that the well known SiteMeter.com was the other company that StatCounter.com had refused to name"

A good summary of the situation, with lots of relevant links, is here

more also here:

Thanks to Fred for the heads up

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