Friday, June 01, 2007

It just goes to show… 

…there’s no direct correlation between posting activity and number of visits.

May has been the month with fewest posts here, yet most visits on record. I imagine that the steady increase in visits month on month reflects nothing more than the general growth of internet traffic. I don’t for one moment suppose that it reflects a growing readership. In fact I’m sure the latter number is falling – hardly surprising really, since I offer so little to read. Oh well...

Interesting though that fully half of the visits come via Google image searches. These are the Google rankings for the most popular:

#1 for heartflowers

#2 for lyn idwal

#3 for common newt

#3 for Kent walk

#4 for Lauterbrunnen valley

#4 for heather terrace

#6 for elderflower

#6 for glow


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