Monday, March 05, 2007

Urban warrior 

Today was the first time in nearly 10 months that I cycled the 15 miles to work. It was always my plan when I got my motorbike that I’d still cycle occasionally, as otherwise I don’t get any serious exercise. But somehow, when faced in the morning with a choice between 45 minutes of relative pleasure or 70 minutes of hard graft, every time I’ve chosen the pleasure. What a surprise. Not. Last week though, I picked up a screw in the tyre of the motorbike; the puncture is non-repairable (and I discovered that motorbike tyres are very expensive) and I had to wait a couple of days for the dealer had to order the new tyre in, so it seemed a good opportunity to remind myself that I haven’t altogether given up pedal-powered cycling.

Perversely, I found it became more enjoyable as I got into heavier traffic nearer the centre of London. Urban cycling, where bikes can out-pace and out-manouvre cars (and yes, I DO stop at red lights – unlike the majority of cyclists) gives one a definate sense of superiority over sedentary motorists.

Getting here was hard work, but okay – but I still have to get home…

I appreciate there are probably no other lunatic urban cyclists reading this blog - but if you do happen to fall into that category, this is an excellent article on how to survive. In the quiz at the end, I scored off the scale in the "Road Warrior" category :-)

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