Sunday, February 11, 2007

This and that 

The day I start posting blog entries of the form "Yesterday I did such-and-such" - pure diary, no more - will be the day I know it's time to quit this game. I'm coming perilously close with this one, but having taken the camera out for what I think is only the second time since last August, I figured I needed some words to explain why I'm posting what is after all not the most eye-catching of scenes.

Yesterday, we (see what I mean?) drove down to Bath with a car-load of miscellaneous stuff which my son had managed to leave behind when he moved down there a couple of weeks ago, to continue his studies. Bath is a wonderful city - full of history and character; we both agreed that it would be so much more stimulating to live somewhere like that instead of in our rather dull corner of suburbia. In between emptying the car and reassembling furniture, there was just time for a quick stroll into the centre of Bath for a very late lunch - just how late is indicated by the fact the street-lights are already on in this picture, taken as we left the restaurant.

Whilst I'm at this diary stuff, I might as well mention that Saturday marked the 52nd anniversary of my appearance, one snowy February day, in this little corner of the world - almost literally this corner; a mere 6 miles from where I now sit. The inescapable fact of ageing has been on my mind lately. Not in a fearful way, thankfully, but certainly with an increasing awareness that my days on this planet are numbered, and if I really believe I want to Make A Difference here, it's high time I got on and did it.

Whatever 'it' is...

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