Friday, December 01, 2006

Trojan wanted 

It’s bizarre; it’s not lack of time that prevents me posting here – it’s simply that my head is too full, so tightly packed with stuff (what a wonderful all-purpose one-size-fit-all word that is!) that any extraneous ideas that happen by find no way to elbow their way in. The matters of the moment maintain a powerful hold; like riot police, they link arms and form an impregnable barrier. Inside their cordon, the workforce of my conscious mind has nothing to distract it from the tasks at hand. I know the distractions are out there somewhere, but they’re remote and have no real influence, nor the strength to break through the barrier.

Or it’s as though there’s a firewall, protecting my CPU from wayward bits of code that might divert it from the appointed master-programme. I could do with a trojan; a benign one that penetrates the firewall and disrupts its functioning from inside, knocking a doorway through and allowing those disruptive influences in.

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