Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Last night we had the first band rehearsal – for what might turn out to be the UK amateur premiere of We Will Rock You. Even though the show is still on in the West End, it’s been released for schools and amateur companies to perform, and our show (scroll to the bottom of the page), at the end of January – could well be the first of its type to make it to the stage.

By all accounts it has a fairly meaningless story line, but that’s not the point - it also has 24 classic Queen songs. It’s daunting and exciting and going to be huge fun - not to mention VERY LOUD - and with 177 pages of music, it’s going to consume an awful lot of my free time for the next two and a half months. Unfortunately, the deal is that for the performance licence we don’t get the full score, only a PVG part – piano, vocal and guitar chords. So I’m working through it track by track listening to the CD and writing out the bass guitar line. Five down, nineteen to go…

As you can guess, the inevitable consequence is likely be EVEN LESS blogging than the sorry dribble of posts that has been appearing here in recent months. And with my attention toggling between two essentially practical matters – the show and an increasing daytime workload - what does make it here is likely to have little substance. Such is life. I’m probably going to sound (am already sounding...) rather detached as a consequence of perpetual tiredness too. But I’m not complaining – this is a great opportunity – I just need to adjust the balance a little.

Otherwise I could be in for a nasty case of CPSD.

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