Thursday, October 26, 2006


It’s 6.15pm, I’m sitting in the office, and I ought to be well on my home. I’m still here ‘cause the battery on my bike is flat, ‘cause some joker decided to turn the heated grips on while it was parked in the secure underground car park.

Why, you may well ask, do they work when the ignition is off? Surely they should be wired from an ignition-controlled source? Because the dealer hadn’t fitted them properly, that’s why. Funny thing is, they’ve been fine ever since May – no-one was tempted to fiddle with them all that time, but it just so happened that this afternoon I booked the bike in for a service and told them to fix the wiring problem at the same time.

I work in an open plan office; calls are easily overheard. Am I being unduly suspicious, or is it more than just coincidence that of the 150 days or so since I’ve had the bike, Mr (or Ms) joker picks the one day when the office is aware of the potential to perform this little prank?

Now I understand why all those staff surveys always conclude that there’s a singular lack of trust in this place…

Update:-8.10pm and I'm home now. The AA came remarkably quickly - only about 40 minutes after I called them - and did an excellent job, once I'd persuaded security to let him in (a non-trivial task). To cap it all though, the lens fell out of my driving glasses as I went to put them on; the varifocals I wear the rest of the time are okay, but peripheral vision isn't as good with them. Reckon I'd better sit tight and do nothing for the rest of the evening - that's two hiccups in the smooth flow of life; I wonder what the third will be?

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