Monday, October 30, 2006


This is happening far too often. Something at work that ought to be a simple task and I’m totally incapable of taking useful action to complete it - or even to start it. I fidget and fret and try to think, but my brain just refuses to function in any kind of structured way.

The latest instance of this ought to be laughably simple – a 10 minute job, no more, to write a few words for a briefing document, describing the progress of a particular project. But its like trying to pick up a bar of soap from the floor of the shower whilst wearing boxing gloves. I only have to touch the edge of a thought and it scoots away from me, leaving me empty handed – and empty headed. Whichever way I look, thoughts, ideas, words fly away when they see me coming; I’m surrounded by a void.

This short paragraph is going to take me all day to write – and I have to do it today – yet I still have an overloaded task list…

Update: Its done. Looks so simple now; it would be worth trying to analyse just what was causing the block.

Update 2: That paragraph I was sweating over so much just got me a compliment on being able to write good English... Oh well, I guess the sweat was worth it... But why do I put myself through it all?

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