Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Two days later, and the remnants of Sunday's high still dominate my feelings. On Sunday I was playing bass guitar in the first performance of a new show. It's based on the biblical Psalms and it’s a mix of music and drama presenting some timeless themes of human experience in a highly personal way. It’s been written by Robert Barham, a friend of a friend with a considerable talent not only for writing catchy tunes but also for putting them together into show which is far more than the mere sum of the parts.

We raised a considerable sum for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and we’ll be taking the show “on tour” as it were, at churches and community venues around this corner of the UK - perhaps a dozen performances over the next 6 months or so.

It was wonderful to be doing something I enjoy so much, in the company of people I respect and admire, and with a purpose so worthwhile on two counts – both the fundraising and the reflections on aspects of life stimulated in the minds of the audience - apparently there were tears at some points.

I always feel at home with other musicians. I don’t know whether it’s simply the knowledge that we share an understanding of music and a love of making it which creates the bond between us, or whether having music in the blood derives from something deeper, and it’s that shared deeper something which connects us.

Indeed, not unlike connections between bloggers.

Like I said, I'm still on a high; my energy and being are still directed towards the music, the people, the feelings of belonging, of fulfilment. Oh, and Robert was very complimentary about my bass playing too :-) It's not easy to engage in work right now.

And to cap it all, tonight I heard of a very exciting musical opportunity just around the corner...

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