Thursday, August 24, 2006

Whither blogging? 

I’ve never had any particular theme for this blog; I never really felt it needed one. Not until now, anyway. For a long time it seemed to find its own way quite happily without any deliberate effort on my part to guide it, but now it’s struggling. Unless I can find some form or structure or purpose or meaning - for it, or in it, or through it – I fear it will wither into nothingness, taking with it the part of me that found some meaning here.

So what are the options?

Politics – I can dismiss that one easily. Sure, Bush is an asshole and Blair is a megalomaniac, but the world must already have several thousand blogs saying much the same thing; I’ll spare the world another…

Place – True, many of the blogs I most enjoy could be called place blogs, and at first sight London might seem a promising theme, but a suburban semi, a characterless modern office and a narrow corridor of tarmac between the two hardly epitomises the buzzing metropolis.

Personal – To be a successful diarist you need at least one of two things - an intrinsically interesting life, or the ability to present an ordinary life in an interesting way. Guess that counts me out then.

Photo – Okay, that’s a possibility. Could be sparse though; until a few days ago, I’d only put a couple of new shots on Flickr in the last couple of months.

I hadn’t planned it this way, but the ‘P’ theme seems set to continue. I should have subtitled this “to P or not to P…”

Philosophy – Now that’s getting closer to what I’d like, but I find my capacity for philosophising severely impaired these days. Even humble musing has taken a back seat.

Poetry – Nice idea, but that’d be even more sparse than a photo-blog; perhaps less than one in a hundred posts here have been attempts at poetry, received by the world with an embarrassed silence. In spite of that, I may yet try again – but it wont sustain a blog.

Prose - Okay, I only put that in as it was the obvious ‘P’ to follow poetry. It’s a catch-all heading; nevertheless, the idea of ad-hoc ‘articles’ on anything under the sun is appealing. No time though; I need a simpler, quicker format… unless perhaps I spend more time on fewer, longer posts? That might work…

Preach – Not my style.

Professional – Ha! What profession?

Psyche – That worked once, when my psyche got a regular weekly exhumation through counselling, but it seems to be a closed book now.

Piffle, Poppycock – Is that all that’s left?

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