Saturday, August 26, 2006


Sometimes the most profound truths can appear simple and obvious once you’ve recognised them, yet their impact if explored fully can be nothing less than life changing.

This post by Rob Paterson might very well fall into that category.

It’s quite a long post and it's not easy to find an extract that does justice to the whole; perhaps the best way is just to show this diagram and the few words which precede it as a taster of what it’s all about:
"I never experienced these feelings about being loved, about loving another, feeling safe and feeling strong in my corporate life. I never felt safe enough to be the whole me. I was always weak and anxious as a result.


Toke and Chris provided me with a map that is helping me find the answer to that question."

If you’ve ever felt ill at ease with the shallow, trust-less relationships that so characterise most corporations and yearned for something more fulfilling (as readers here will know I have done, and still do) then Rob’s words and the model he describes will not only ring true but may also be a source of inspiration for change.

Knowledge is, of course, worthless unless it produces an effect of some kind. I’m hoping I can hang onto this particular piece of insight long enough for it to bear fruit. Even at 51, with two thirds of my working life already past, I'm still convinced that there must be a better use for all those hours and energy than simply exchanging them for money in order to pay the bills. Isn't there?

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