Wednesday, April 12, 2006

How to own an original work of art 

Go buy one here!

Every once in a while, some real talent surfaces out there in the blogosphere, and artistic talent is something that Andrea has in spades.

In only a few months, she’s attracted a large and loyal following with her highly personal style of art; her landscapes especially appeal to me, having the power to convey the feel of a place in a way that no merely photographic representation could ever manage.

But it’s not just her art that’s worthy of note; I have huge admiration too for her commitment to living her dream, turning away from a successful but conventional career to make a go of living life as an artist.

She’s just launched a new site, as a marketplace for relatively small works of affordable art. It’s early days yet, but go sign up for email updates or bookmark the site and expect to see more real gems up for grabs soon.

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