Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A fortnight to go… 

Much activity chez moi, but regrettably none of it with a blogging focus.

A busy spell at work builds to a crescendo of activity next week, which by an unfortunate set of postponements and delays coincides precisely with another am-dram show, this time involving 28 songs, some of which I don’t think the band will have played through before the dress rehearsal. I love being involved – why else would I have said yes with only a month’s notice? – but the combined pressures of days pulling a critical plan together and nights attempting to hone my limited bass playing skills leave little room for much reflection or creative thought.

Hang in there; in spite of appearances this last month, I’m not in the process of abandoning blogging – but for the next couple of weeks I’m likely to disappear temporarily from the virtual world, since the only hands I’ve got will be fully occupied juggling some very real balls which I dare not let drop.

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