Sunday, February 05, 2006

My idea of heaven... 

Tony Richards has one of my favourite sites on the web. Nothing flashy, but day in, day out, he's out there with his camera taking shots of one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, in all seasons and all weathers. If I can't actually be there, this has to be the next best thing.

Last week's selection included this shot, which might almost represent my idea of the perfect home:

In ten minutes, you could be out of the back door and up that hillside to watch the early morning sun rise over the far fells, the bite of the crisp winter's air in your lungs a reminder that you're alive and part of this world; or on a summer's evening you could take a lazy wander over the field down to the stream, and pretend to be a child again, splashing around in the shallows or jumping from boulder to boulder with the dog joining in the fun.

Definately my idea of heaven.

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