Saturday, January 07, 2006


Winston put me on to this one...

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

I'm flattered; apparently I'm Gandalf. Well, of course, all the possible outcomes were probably equally flattering. I doubt that Saruman featured on the list of possibilities. (Later: I stand corrected; it seems he's not only on the list, but has a loyal band of followers too).

It's probably just coincidence; nevertheless, in all of fiction, I can't think of a character I'd rather be. He embodies all those characteristics I most admire in others: wisdom, compassion, leadership, humility, courage, an affinity with all living things... I can't think of any aspect of his character that I don't aspire to.

There's another curious coincidence too. I've said nothing here about my counselling experiences since I quit rather abruptly, several months ago now, but a Gandalf-like character appeared in a visualisation experience in one of those sessions. M., my counsellor, seemed convinced that he represented something in me. An aspiration, maybe. I could never accept that it was anything more.

Have a go here if you want to find out which fantasy/SciFi character you are.

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