Sunday, December 11, 2005

Ominous Sky 

It looked like a weather front approaching; that long line of thick cloud against a clear sky, only this cloud had a strange funnel-shaped end to it, rather like a very fat tornado reaching down to earth. Odd, but then clouds do have some very odd appearances at times. I took a photo, posted it on Flickr, and thought little more about it.

Checking back a while later, I found Euan had left a comment – could he blog the photo? Odd, I thought, it wasn’t anything special. But then I checked his blog and the penny dropped – this was indeed no ordinary cloud; this was the result of a massive explosion at a fuel depot over 12 miles away.

Next thing, Martin leaves a comment and a link to his shots, and then before you know it, there’s a Flickr group tracking the immense pall of smoke across the country.

Interesting how this web linky thingummy spreads things around… I haven’t even turned on the TV yet.

More views from my window here.

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