Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Powerful Questions 

Chris Corrigan has characteristically come up with some thought-provoking questions that have the potential for turning conventional accepted wisdom on it’s head.

He says:

“I've just returned from a very interesting small conference in Arizona, where we were talking about philanthropy, discovery and education. And I have some questions for you all...

- What if the essential political questions of our time - the questions that ask "how should we do things?" - were not about right vs. left but bottom-up vs. top down? What would that do to the political spectrum and its discourse?

- What if our work was about creating space - for discovery, connection and collaboration - rather than narrowing down options and coming up with answers?

- What if accountability was about trust, intimacy and love, and not measurement, punishment and suspicion? How would we foster such a system? What would it mean for politics, governance, leadership and community?

I'd be really curious about your answers, or further questions that are suggested by this short list.”

Having spent yesterday morning in a meeting whose unspoken agenda was entirely about measurement, punishment and suspicion, I'm especially drawn to that third question, although I don't have any answers yet. If you have any answers, or further questions, go pay Chris a visit and leave him a comment. Or just pay him a visit anyway – it’s always well worth while.

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