Tuesday, October 11, 2005

How (not) to do it... 

A colleague sent me this slightly cryptic email:

City cycling - training video (not)

If your better halves think you cycle like this they'll never let you back on two wheels. Not ever. No Sir. In fact they'll probably have your most valued assets in a well-tightened vice. Or serve them up to the dog for Sunday lunch.

Here’s the link to the video – broadband essential, I’m afraid, since this is a 50Mb file.

I downloaded and watched it at the weekend; my cycle journey into work this morning (15 miles across London) was the fastest it has been for many a week. I swear those two facts are entirely unrelated. No, really. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I may not go to those extremes, but I sure can understand the buzz those guys must get.

Health warning: Readers of a nervous disposition, those suffering high blood pressure or at risk from heart attacks are advised to avert their gaze at critical moments. The video is, however, office-safe – unless you happen to be in a room of road safety officers, in which eventuality severe cases of apoplexy may result.

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