Friday, September 30, 2005


What would it be like to have a truly original thought?

Not to regurgitate half-digested dogma we swallowed from parents or peers;

Not to set our thought-wheels on rails laid down by those whose intellects we thought were so much more developed that our own;

Not to sweep up discarded thought-fragments off the floor and bolt them loosely together into some creaking Heath-Robinson structure that sways and topples at the slightest breeze;

Not to pick favourite ideas from the idea-trees planted and watered by those who would channel the flow of our minds for their own ends;

To dissolve accretions of word-upon-word, thought-upon-thought, cemented together by assumptions into a congealed mass of conjecture;

To restrain the words which rush to fill empty space, joining themselves together like a chain of dominos, or old friends holding hands;

To weave instead an idea-cloth whose pattern had never before been seen?

(enough metaphors yet?)

I only ask because the experience must be so novel.

What would it be like?

A child might know the answer to that…

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