Thursday, August 04, 2005


Completely scattered. Not in a bad way, but a distinctly distracted way. A much-too-busy and intense day at work when I ought to be winding down, then an evening of preparations, packing, shopping et cetera, et cetera, et cetera (said in Yul Brynner’s accent from The King and I). The rush isn’t going to let up for a minute now until tomorrow morning when the car is loaded, on the road and far enough away from home not to turn back for those inevitably forgotten “essentials”.

I’d like to write a witty and light-hearted piece about all those frantic last-minute preparations and worries and lists that always seem to precede holidays. (Funny isn’t it how we start the winding down process by winding up?) Like to, but it wont happen. Leaving aside for the moment that I don’t do witty and light-hearted very well when it comes to writing, all those frantic last-minute preparations and worries and lists jostle far too insistently for attention, filling up every last nook and cranny in an already over-full head.

Oh, I nearly forgot to say. The reason for all this rushing around? We’re off tomorrow for a short break, a week on the Norfolk coast. No plans other than to take it easy – maybe a boat trip to see the seals off Blakeney Point, that kind of thing. A week to slow down, unwind and become conscious again. Or one with Consciousness, you might say.

Of course, I’ll be taking reading matter with me: Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek; The Artist’s Way by Julia Campbell, started once, then put aside - I plan to act on it this time; a print-out of fellow-blogger David St Lawrence’s downloadable Danger Quicksand: Have a Nice Day (subtitled An Unconventional Guide to Surviving Corporate Employment); Thesiger’s My Life and Travels.

And of course the camera will be coming along too. Maybe I’ll be up early enough for sunrises across the North Sea? Or maybe not.

See you in a week then; look after the place while I’m not here, wont you?

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