Tuesday, August 02, 2005


The world – my world – just got bigger. Or turned inside out. Or something. It certainly doesn’t feel the same as it did half an hour ago. At 12.15, my world was a hazy dumb-bell, one end centred here where I sit, in a largely unremarkable office in West London, the other end centred back at home in an equally unremarkable suburban-style house in Hertfordshire. Everything in these centres was magnified; everything outside, several steps removed.

But right now, I’m viewing this office as though through the wrong of a telescope; it may be physically close, but all of a sudden it feels distant. The centre has shifted.

Its lunch time and I was just checking in – as you do - on the blogs, and the comments and the sitemeter stats. There in the referrer log was a URL that looked out of the ordinary and worth following up: the Washington Post and an article titled Blogging Through the Ages. And there, half way down, was a very familiar name and URL…

That’s the remarkable thing about blogging – like wormholes in space-time or quantum-mechanical tunnelling, connections spring up apparently from nowhere, defying old-world concepts of proximity.

I’m gobsmacked. Completely and utterly. Thanks, Jen.

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