Saturday, August 27, 2005

Feeling smug 

It seems there's something to be said for a scientific education and a logical mind, after all. My PC troubles turned out to be nothing more serious than a duff IDE cable.

Was this discovered by in-depth knowledge of PC architecture and sophisticated test equipment?

No, merely application of that age-old means of medical diagnosis which exploits the bilateral symmetry of the mammalian form: compare the good side with the bad and see what’s different. Okay, computers don’t have bilateral symmetry, but they do have two almost similar IDE channels. It was a simple matter of swapping components and connections one at a time to localize the fault.

So, yup, I’m feeling smug. The world seems a much friendlier place; not out to get me after all. I don’t think I’ll give up the day job and go into PC repair just yet though. Heaven knows what hourly rate I’d have to charge, given the time it took to work this one out.

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