Sunday, July 24, 2005

The other side of the window 

This one's for Andrea, lover of moths; it is, I think, is a Common Wave, Deilinia exanthemata. The waves from which I imagine it gets its name are just visible, following the trailing edge of the wing outline.

Just like its distant cousin yesterday, this one obligingly stayed put on the outside of the window, whilst I fiddled around inside with the camera, downloaded the first half dozen shots, tried some more, then finally overcame inertia and went off to fetch the tripod which had really been necessary all along. All the while I sat playing with the images, the moth held to its place; only when I was happy I’d got a reasonable shot did I look up to find it had gone. After such a cooperative partnership I was getting quite attached to it - I hope it survived the barrage; after all flying through a shower of rain can’t be much fun if you’re a moth.

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