Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Visited by an angel... 

A timorous knock at the office door.

“I clean the fridge?”

Hesitant English, questioning smile.

“Yes, of course - come in” I say, smiling back.

It’s very, very quiet in here today; I’m the only one in. It’s been rather lonely, just two phone calls and no visitors, so a spot of human company is welcome. I busy myself on the computer as she gets on with her job behind me, on the other side of the office.

Then the strangest thing... an extraordinary feeling of well-being comes over me. I can’t see what she’s doing, but I sense that although it’s only a simple task, she’s fully engaged, doing it caringly, and finding pleasure in it too. I don’t turn and look for fear it will break the spell.

Time stops for a while as I appreciate the moment.

Eventually though she finishes and leaves and the spell is broken.

I wonder if she’s a Zen student? Or maybe that way of being is just natural for her? Whatever; her simple happiness in her task was strong enough to radiate out across the office, touch me and brighten my afternoon. I wonder if she spreads that same feeling everywhere she goes? Maybe she’s an angel in disguise, sent to bring a moment’s harmony into discordant offices through the mindful cleaning of fridges...

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