Friday, April 22, 2005

Glass overflowing 

suzanne left me these two comments on my earlier post about belonging.
I thought them much, much to good to leave tucked away there out of view, so with her permission I’m bringing them out here into the light:

"I feel like an alien
in all this
because I really came into flower
some years back
when I was 55

feel now
more like I did when I was
and the world was filled
with Wonder
and I was there
in the midst of it
open eyed
and taking as much of it in
as I could

this time in my life
is as filled with energy
and purpose
as that one was

for which I daily
do a little happy dance

my experience is
that perspective
gives shape
to the manifestation of reality

so I developed
a perspective
that attends to

in the small detail
and the great
and the cosmic

and . . .

I am the happiest person I know
so I figure
I'm doing something right"


"really andy
when I read posts
and comments as there are here
to write
about how awesome
ageing can be

I don't know who started
this other libe of thought
that growing old is
a waning and withering
off into
dribbling doodering senility

inhabited by the barely functional
and unbeautiful

it has come as one of the two
greatest surprises of my life
(the other being how grand
I found birthing
and mothering to be)
that this time in my life
should be
so sumptuously full
of feasting

I mean
especially those
who find the
middle life crises label apt
it doesn't have to be
or painfilled
or boring
or . . .

(O the list goes on)

there is less and less time
for dwelling
on the negative
or looking at the world
through lack colored lenses

that's better left
if it must be
to adolescence
when one thinks
she/he has all the time in the world

there isn't all the time in the world
for any of us
quite specifically
lifetime limited humans

so best
I believe
to seek
actively ferret out
all the wonder
that lies around
and unused"

Thank you, suzanne

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