Sunday, February 06, 2005

That's a relief... 

Although I've been busy all weekend on other things, running through the back of my mind has been a constant nagging worry about this 100bloggers book. What will I write? Am I good enough? Can I somehow shift myself from this present place of being tied up in the immediacy of daily living, in order to be able to speak from the heart, and not just churn out something detached and impersonal?

Unexpectedly, I found answers to all of those questions:

1. You'll have to wait and see :-) The background though is the counselling journey.
2. Irrelevant.
3. It took time, but going back over some of those old posts reminded me of things I'd forgotten - or one thing in particular in front of which I'd erected such a huge screen that I'd conveniently hidden it from myself.

It's a tricky one, that number three. Last time I made any kind of declaration about writing, it precipitated the inner conflict that set me off down that counselling road. So I'm rather wary about being overly direct on that score. Let's just say I've remembered why it was that writing attracted me.

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