Friday, February 11, 2005


Too tired and empty for many words at the moment. I was just watching a TV programme (a rare occurence for me) following a journey to trace the legend of Shangri-La through India, across the Himalayas and into Tibet. It had me spellbound - not so much the legend, but the landscape, the remoteness - especially the remoteness, the sense of being separate, apart from the rest of the world; almost in another world, or another time. It was easy to see how the legend of a secret hidden valley could arise.

This isn't exactly Shangri-La, but every time I go to this corner of Wales and up into the hills, I get something of that feeling of apartness from the rest of the world. And there's something about the light in this shot that carries just the hint of something hidden around the corner. Maybe one day when I go back there again I'll find it.

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