Saturday, February 26, 2005


Monday: Buy new toy, in slightly belated acknowledgement of my fiftieth year. Weather forecast looks ominous: gather together “snow kit” for car (shovel, two sleeping bags etc) then dash out to band rehearsal for Godspell. Anonymous carrier bag containing camera in box remains abandoned in a lonely corner of the bedroom.

Tuesday: Up at 5:00am to drive 200 miles to Leeds in occasional sleet and snow, home again at 7:30pm, time for a very quick bite then out for 3 hours rehearsal with cast for Godspell. Anonymous carrier bag remains undisturbed.

Wednesday: Camera box sees daylight! Open box, remove battery and charger, put battery on charge.

Thursday night: Anonymous carrier bag now adjacent to bed. Insert battery in camera. Sit up in bed with camera in one hand, handbook in other. Turn straight to page headed “Advanced shooting”. Wonder what that says about me?

Friday: Load software onto PC.

Saturday: Maybe, maybe I’ll get to take some photos? If I can finish that 100 bloggers article, and squeeze in some desperately needed practice for Godspell. Sooner or later though, sooner or later…

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