Monday, February 07, 2005

Memory tricks 

When I saw this photo of Fred’s, it immediately sparked a recollection of this:

Although the image sprang straight to mind, I had to hunt through many old albums to find the photo. The scene dates back to a holiday eighteen years ago; a view just begging to be photographed and captioned. Memory plays tricks of course; as I remembered it, the cliff was an archetypal cliff about three times as high as the one in the picture, and the road was more like a highway.

Having found the album, I browsed through the holiday snaps of our children – they must have been about age 1, 4 and 6 – looking at the smiles, I wondered if memory played tricks there too: did I only photograph the happy times? Surely kids that age must have caused their fair share of trouble and strife?

They may have done, I guess, but if they did, I honestly don’t remember it. My memories are of the unselfconscious smiles, the adventures, the inquisitiveness, the togetherness. I knew there was a good reason for taking all those photos.

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