Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Holding a lantern... 

"The sadness I have caused any face
by letting a stray word
strike it,

any pain
I have caused you,
what can I do to make us even?
Demand a hundred fold of me - I'll pay it.

During the day I hold my feet accountable
to watch out for wondrous insects and their friends.

Why would I want to bring horror
into their extraordinary

Magnetic fields draw us to Light; they move our limbs and thoughts.
But it is still dark; if our hearts do not hold a lantern,
we will stumble over each other,

huddled beneath the sky
as we are."

~ Rumi ~

(Today’s poem on Panhala)

“…it is still dark …if our hearts do not hold a lantern… we will stumble over each other…

Wonderful, magical words that seem to hold more than can be described in mere words… but then, that’s the wonder of poetry.

(I've been doing a lot of stumbling lately...)

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