Sunday, December 19, 2004

Through the nadir? 

Did that sound miserable yesterday? It wasn't meant to, but reading it back today, it ain't exactly bouncy. D'ya think? Did it sound like a "poor me" statement? It must have been the low spot of this bug I'm fighting. Dashing around yesterday trying to get Christmas shopping, but not really functioning. My first purchase was okay, but after that it was downhill all the way - I must have dithered for nearly half an hour over something as dull and uninteresting as socks. (And no, they weren't Christmas presents; I'm not that sad). Brain was just running at quarter speed; by the evening it must have nearly shut down altogether.

It rained last night and the wind was strong enough to wake me - a rather turbulent night, matching my sleep. Together, though, wind and rain have swept away all of the external and some of the internal cobwebs - today the sky is a deep radiant blue and the air so clear that every detail of colour and texture, every twig and leaf stands out in exaggerated relief. With the low winter sun, it would be a perfect day for photography.

Head is still fuzzy and brain struggling up to about one-third speed now, but being miserable just isn't on the agenda on a day like this.

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