Monday, December 06, 2004

Glad to see we’ve got our priorities right 

You may have noticed, I usually steer clear of political blogging. I figure there’s enough of it about and there’s nothing I’ll say that hasn’t already been said at least a hundred times, probably with far more eloquence, wit, sarcasm or irony than I’ll ever manage.

But this little storm in a teacup has me wondering just what on earth has happened to any sense of balance. So he’s had an affair? If every MP who’d had one resigned, there’d be precious little left of parliament. So he might have used his position to fast-track a visa application? In terms of the harm done (as distinct to the rules broken) that’s about on a par with personal use of the office photocopier. Yet conducting an illegal war is fine, just dandy.

I’m not condoning Blunkett’s alleged actions, but one fast-tracked visa beside thousands unnecessarily dead? Glad to see we’ve got our priorities right. It’s stupid name-calling games like this, indulged in as a form of sport by all sides, that turns me away from any thought of involvement in the political scene.

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

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