Thursday, October 28, 2004

Living Poetry 

This post from Real Live Preacher gets closer than anything I've read for a long time to capturing something of the magic and mystery in Christianity that is so often hidden when all we can see are the conventions of the Church - even if we view it from the inside . He shows it like it could be, even though it may not be like it so often is.

“... Poetry is different, I think. I don’t think poems are ever done. It’s like Whitman with “Leaves of Grass,” you know? Sometimes I think of starting a poem that I would never even consider finishing. I’d just keep working with it until I died. And over the years it would change because I would change. I would work it until it was like the smoothest music that ever caressed your ears. Just the sound of it would be incredible, and maybe the sound of it would be all you’d need. And I’d never be able to send it to any editor because it would never be finished.”

“See, I think Christianity is like a human poem, written over thousands of years by people who have a sense that there is something more important for us than just waking up every day and going about our business. I’m one of those people, I’m afraid. I know that makes me seem a little foolish to you, but maybe you have room in your life for one goofy friend, huh?...”

Go read the rest for a very fresh take on a religion that maybe isn't as old as it looks.

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